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One of the biggest issues facing young New Zealanders today is the waiting times for funded face to face counselling.


The I AM HOPE counselling funding service is designed to take the pressure off current services and give young people facing long wait times an alternative pathway.

The Gumboot Friday is not a long-term solution designed to take over from government services, rather, they should be seen as a bridge between current services and immediate need. Everyone is encouraged to seek government funded help while utilising our service.

How do I access I AM HOPE funding?

You don't need to sign up with us. Instead, choose a counsellor, email them to introduce yourself, and book an appointment. Before your first appointment, let them know you want to access the Gumboot Friday fund. If they need more information, ask them to visit our Counsellor information page or alternatively they can email help@iamhope.org.nz.

Choosing your Counsellor


Everyone's needs and preferences are different and we want the best possible outcome for you, so here's a few tips on how to choose a counsellor:

  • Research - if they have one, visit their website and see if their background sounds appealing to you

  • Think about whether you generally feel more comfortable speaking with someone from the same or a similar gender background to you

  • If you use or speak more than one language, you might find it useful to try a counsellor who can use the same languages as you

  • Think about whether you want someone who understands your spiritual or cultural background

  • Shop around. You and the counsellor/s you interact with are only human and naturally not everyone will have perfect chemistry. If you don't feel comfortable with the counsellor you first see, you don't have to keep going to them. Find someone that suits you and that you want on your team.


Remember, you want to pick someone you think you'll be comfortable talking about pretty much anything with and who will work with you in a style that works best for you. When it comes to your emotional well being, you're allowed to be fussy.

Already have a great counsellor?


Fantastic, you may still be eligible for I AM HOPE funding. Ask your counsellor to contact us: help@iamhope.org.nz



If you require urgent medical attention, please call 111. 


Not medically urgent, but emotionally so? Try step 2.

We cannot recommend the folks at 1737 enough. They are available any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll get to talk to (or text with) a trained counsellor and the service is completely free. 

Not urgent, but still want help? Cool, let's hit step 3.



You can either contact one of the counsellors on the Gumboot Friday search map below, or if you prefer, find one through your own research.


When you book your first appointment, let your counsellor know you'd like to access funding through .Gumboot Friday


If they're not familiar with our organisation, ask them to visit our Counsellor information page. 


Professional membership key:

ANZACATA - The Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association

NZAC - New Zealand Association of Counsellors  Te Roopu Kaiwhiriwhiri o Aotearoa

NZCCA - New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association

NZPB - New Zealand Psychologists Board, Te Poari Kaimātai Hinengaro o Aotearoa

PBANZ - The Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand Te Poari o nga Kaihaumanu Hinengaro o Aotearoa

SWRB - Social Workers Registration Board Kāhui Whakamana Tauwhiro

Other - CV and alternative registration has been approved to access I AM HOPE funding by our Board of Trustees. 

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