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Not a member of one of the listed professional membership bodies, but still want to work with I AM HOPE clients and access Gumboot Friday funding? Please send us your up to date CV or a detailed outline of the counselling work you offer. We'll discuss at the next scheduled board meeting (usually the last Wednesday of the month). 

If you have an urgent query, please contact help@IAMHOPE.org.nz. 

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By submitting this form you are agreeing to your professional details being saved on our database held here on this website and made available to the public to view on the Choose A Counsellor page (unless you have opted out). 


You will be able to update or remove your details by emailing help@iamhope.org.nz.

We may contact you occasionally to remind you to update your details, give you updates of our Gumboot Friday fundraising results, inform you of any payment or process changes, and any other necessary business.

We will not share our database with any nasty third parties. If circumstances change, we will contact you via the email address you have provided above to let you know.

NOTE: We need time to check every new counsellor's details. Given we have one full time staff member, and the number of interested practitioners, there can be a delay between submitting the form and being accepted onto the system. 


Once we have checked your professional membership, you will receive an email confirming your approval to start working with I AM HOPE clients and invoicing us. 

If you have any urgent questions or feedback, please contact help@iamhope.org.nz.

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I AM HOPEGumboot Friday and Spare Change are proudly brought to you by: 

The Key to Life Charitable Trust

Call 111 immediately for any medical emergency

Text or call 1737 any time, 24 hours a day. You’ll get to talk to (or text with) a trained counsellor, completely free of charge.



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