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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are currently moving our Gumboot Friday Counsellor platform to a wonderful new system and this may take a while so please continue your registration and we will be contacting you shortly to guide you through the new process.  If you have a client needing urgent sessions, please register and email and we will get you onboard ASAP.

We're thrilled you're interested in joining our community of great counsellors, therapists and health professionals providing kiwi kids and young adults with the mental health support and guidance they need.


Together we can change the mental health situation in New Zealand, change the conversation, and change the future for our young people. We want to demonstrate that it's normal to seek help when you're experiencing depression or anxiety, and we need you. We're looking for health professionals and counsellors throughout the country that can work with kids and young adults. Join us!

*IMPORTANT MESSAGE* Because of the Covid19 pandemic and limited 2020 fundraising our funds are for initial and/or critical sessions. It is understood after these two sessions you will assist your client to access public funding so they may continue their treatment.​ 

How it works

Step one - sign up

You can sign up here to become a member. To be included in the I AM HOPE counsellor community, you’ll need to be qualified to work with adolescents and children, and: 

  1. Be an  ANZACATA (professional level), NZAC or NZCCA member, 

  2. Be a registered psychologist (NZPB),

  3. Be a registered psychotherapist (PBANZ), or

  4. Have your CV reviewed and accepted by our board of trustees.

We’ll list community members on our Choose a Counsellor area of the website, so young people and their trusted adults can find help nearby or online. 

Step two - new client first contact
New clients book an appointment with you, mentioning they would like to access Gumboot Friday funding. We currently have a limit of TWO funded sessions per client.

Step three - new client ID number 
Once your new client is all booked in, you can log in to the counsellor area of the website and request a new anonymous client ID number to include on all invoices.

Step four - getting paid
We expect that you will charge at your normal rates and -  Gumboot Friday is not intended as a long term funding solution -  We encourage you to address the urgent need of your client, then check what is left in the Gumboot Friday kete or have a chat with our team. 


When you're ready to invoice us, head over to the Invoice Process page in the counsellor area of the website, check that your invoice includes all the correct details, then send to us for payment. Simple!



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New Zealand

I AM HOPEGumboot Friday and Spare Change are proudly brought to you by: 

The Key to Life Charitable Trust

Call 111 immediately for any medical emergency

Text or call 1737 any time, 24 hours a day. You’ll get to talk to (or text with) a trained counsellor, completely free of charge.



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