with brotha d

Introducing: music for hope

Brotha d 

A platform for young people 25 years and under to be heard through music, to develop through music and to be mentored through music


In a world where adults often prioritize their needs first, our kids feel like they have been forgotten 

This is an opportunity for them to feel heard and for the older generation to understand, these kids have value. 

Submissions close on 10 April 2021 

Hope Studios 

214 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden 

What is music for hope?




Danny Leaoasavai’i

Brotha D is a musician and co-founder of iconic NZ record label Dawn Raid Entertainment and creator of incredible projects such as ‘Boost Mobile Hook Up Tour’ 2004/2005,  ‘I Love the Islands’ Samoan Tsunami Fundraising Concert 2009 and ‘Str8 from the Streetz’Music Programme 2002. 

He is also a passionate advocate for youth, particularly in his home town of South Auckland where he founded 40 days youth services ltd and 40 days touring ltd. 

More recently he has once again been cast into the spotlight as the subject of the music documentary ‘DAWN RAID’, released in cinemas this year

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