Normalising Mental Health
It’s just a conversation

I AM HOPE has one goal - positive societal attitudinal change. We know our youth struggle with distressing self-talk and overthinking, leaving them feeling isolated and alone.

When we show them these thoughts are universal, we can give our kids a better life.

Giving Kids Hope, as Advocates, as Friends and with Counsellors

Over the past 10 years, we have spoken and listened to over 300,000 kids in schools from the top to the bottom of New Zealand.

We have created books for our youngest kids, barista trained struggling youth with community coffee carts, and enabled free counselling for over 10,000 young people.

When our kids hear that self-doubt and overthinking is a shared experience, they are more likely to seek formal help earlier in both the short and long-term.

Gumboot Friday
FREE and timely counselling for young people across Aotearoa on their mental health journey

When we started It’s Cool to Korero, we quickly learned that some kids needed more than just a chat. As our budget for sponsoring kid’s counselling blew up, we knew something had to change. From this, Gumboot Friday was born.

Since its inception, Gumboot Friday has spent over 3 million dollars on counselling for over 10,000 rangatahi, and it’s only getting bigger.

Our dream is that one day soon any child in New Zealand can quickly get the help they want when they need it - no questions asked.

Gumboot Friday Website

It is because of our generous partners that we can continue our mission

All across the country, amazing organisations have stepped up to support our youth. The financial and technical assistance of our partners is what powers us to change the face of New Zealand.

If you think this is you or your organisation, don’t hesitate to get involved. Contact us here.

Our People

Every member of the I AM HOPE Team understands our cause because of their own experiences. We all personally know how much it matters to change the youth mental health conversation in New Zealand.

Mike King
I am dedicated to driving a positive change in societal attitudes towards mental health and ensuring a better future for our young people.
Kahlia McDougall
General Manager
I love working at I AM HOPE because I have a passion to improve conversations around mental health for our children, whānau and communities while creating better connections to counselling for our youth.
Dallas Gopi
Funding and Partnerships Manager
Before becoming part of the I AM HOPE team I was just another adult who had no idea about how our kids think.  I now know our Kiwi kids are the generation who will change attitudes toward mental health. To be part of this process has been and continues to be an incredibly rewarding journey.
Michelle Cogger
Remote Office Manager
I love being part of I AM HOPE because it enables me to be part of a positive team that gives our young people hope and to help families find hope after loss.
Tai Tupou
Lead Ambassador
I love that I get to help young people who feel like no one is listening and they don’t have a voice.
Joanna King
social media marketing
I love working for I AM HOPE because it gives me an opportunity to connect with an amazing array of NZers across the country, who truly care about the future and well-being of our children and who share our vision.
Jasmine Tuheke
Office Manager
I have a passion for helping our Tamariki across New Zealand to feel secure within themselves and to give them tools to understand their thoughts and to help give them a voice. I believe that this is the same passion held by I AM HOPE and the team and I love the work we do.
Richie Barnett
Culture & wellbeing
I love working with I AM HOPE because I get to work alongside amazing NZers who care and want the best for our children  by understanding and listening to the needs of our children in order to improve well-being in Aotearoa.
Sammy Maa
I am honoured to work for I AM HOPE. I was once the little girl who needed help. Now, I use my gifts to give hope, make a difference, inspire change through teaching, leading and serving with a sense of purpose - leaving a better world for our children.
Trent Edwards
Ambassador & IAH Coffee cart
I love working at I AM HOPE because I know the work needs to be done, to help our youth of NZ understand mental health and guide and support them to find their “why” and to keep them pushing forward.
Kani Collier
I am proud to work for I AM HOPE. My mission is to inspire others through the moments I capture, to create positive change for our next generations, and to lead by example for all of our tamariki and rangatahi.
Sebastian White
Research Consultant
I love I AM HOPE for all the support it lets me offer New Zealand’s kids. Every day, I can get out of bed with a purpose and a mission that this wonderful community shares to ensure every one of our tamariki is held.
Win Srisawas
Research Consultant
As part of Aotearoa's Youth, working with I AM HOPE has been impactful in supporting my mental health and wellbeing journey, and I am deeply grateful for the chance for me to give back to the community through this work.
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