The Hope Home

Building Hope with Fowler Homes

Fowler Homes, a renowned residential group home building company across New Zealand, are currently building a house in Queenstown to auction off with 100% of the profits going to I Am Hope!

This may be the single biggest fundraising event we’ll see this year at our charity.

Building a home in Queenstown

The Hope Home is currently under construction and will be a three-bedroom main house and a two-bedroom attached unit, designed to accommodate two families. This project is being led by Fowler Homes managing director Jason McGirr, a former policeman and his wife and business partner, Jen.

100% of the profits are donated to I Am Hope!

Compelled to act after years on the frontline, Jason says his motivation is drawn from the countless challenges he witnessed during his time as a police officer, and the continuing rising tide of suicides, domestic violence, and violence against children.

Supporting our Kiwi kids together

Fowler Homes is supported by more than 30 suppliers who have generously donated many of the construction materials in an incredible show of solidarity, showcasing the power of community and businesses coming together to support a worthy cause.

We thank the following donors and suppliers for their contribution to this project:

The Hope Home

Follow along with the build

This home is set to be auctioned in October 2024. For regular updates on the project, please follow on the Fowler Homes website.