Mullets for Hope

July 2024

Get ready to rock the mullet with purpose! Stand with us for youth mental health and let's spread hope far and wide across Aotearoa.

Mike King is leading the mullet movement

It's not just about the hairstyle – it's a symbol of support for youth mental health. Together, let's shed light on important conversations and inspire hope for a brighter future.

Grow a mullet and start conversations about mental health

Get mullet-headed with us this July

Mullets for Hope

Jump on board and help us spread the word about mental health awareness while creating positive vibes in our communities. Let's strut our stuff with style and show that supporting each other is what truly counts!


Join the movement

To start fundraising, simply create your Givealittle page by clicking this link. Don't forget to share your email address with us so we can support you, express our gratitude and maybe even hook you up with a sweet prize down the road.


Rock your mullet

Grow your statement hair and support youth mental health. Share your Givealittle page to start raising some much-needed funds. When you hit the $150 mark (or simply donate that amount to your page), we'll send you a free hoodie.


Start conversations

Let your mullet be the icebreaker for meaningful conversations. By speaking up about mental health, we're paving the way for openness and understanding. Snap a pic and spread the word on your socials using the hashtag #MulletsforHope.

Let's Support Our Youth to Open Up About Their Feelings

With our 'Little People Big Feelings' program, our I Am Hope ambassadors are engaging with schools throughout the year, striving to make mental health education a valued part of their curriculum.
Our aim? To let kids know that it's okay to experience a range of emotions. Whether it's a high-five moment or a tough day,every feeling matters. They're all part of how we connect with others and understand ourselves better.
Our program is provided free of charge. But, to keep the momentum going and reach even more kids, we rely on your generous donations. Your support keeps us going strong and spreading hope throughout our communities.
Grow a mullet and start conversations about mental health
Follow us on Instagram @mulletsforhope and don't forget to tag us with #MulletsforHope when you post your pics.

Exclusive Fundraiser Hoodie

Share your Givealittle page and kickstart your fundraising journey. Once you hit the $150 mark (whether it's through generous donations or your own contribution), we'll hook you up with a free hoodie!

Make sure to snap some awesome pics and flaunt that fantastic mullet of yours on social media.

Make your Givealittle page shine with these fundraising tips

Share your story

Share your story on your Givealittle page and let people know why you're passionate about fundraising for I Am Hope. Make sure to include a picture of your awesome mullet to show your dedication to youth mental health.

Jumpstart your fundraising

To get things rolling, make a donation to your own page and tell your friends and family about it. This initial support will encourage more people to donate. Plus, when you hit the $150 mark, we'll send you a free hoodie as a thank you!

Connect with other fundraisers

Join our Mullets for Hope community group on Facebook and connect with other passionate fundraisers. Keep us updated on your progress and even team up with others. DM us on Instagram @mulletsforhope to get an invite.

Spread the word on socials

Use your social media channels to spread the word about your fundraising efforts. Share updates, photos, videos, and tag us with the hashtag #MulletsforHope to show off your soon-to-be mullet and inspire others to join the cause.

Join Us

Don't take too much time to mull-et over

Get ready to rock that mullet this July 2024. To start raising some funds, simply click the button below and create your Givealittle page.

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