Get your school involved

We're fundraising for kiwi kids to get FREE and timely counselling, and here's how your school can help:

  1. Download information, collateral and posters from below and stick them up around school - keep an eye on our social channels for new stuff throughout the month

  2. Ask your kids to wear gumboots to school and explain what Gumboot Friday is all about (info available on our website)

  3. Encourage kids to share a gumboot with kids who don’t have any: because a problem shared is a problem halved

  4. If they can afford it (no pressure at all) ask mum and dad for a gold coin to go into the school "Piggie-boot"  

  5. Invent a Gumboot Friday game, video it and share it on our Facebook page

  6. Challenge other schools to do the same

  7. Make your own Gumboot Friday “Call to Action video” and post it on our Facebook page. 

  8. The video with the most views at 5pm on Thursday 4 April 2019 wins a ninety minute motivational talk from Mike King to raise funds for your school

  9. Post Gumboot Friday photos on your social media pages

  10. Share them on our's

  11. MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN 👍🙌🏻💥🔥🌈☀️💫🥇🏆, and...

  12. #GumbootUpNZ

Promo goodies

Our kids


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Gumboot crew



Suggested Newsletter copy

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Design your

own gumboot



PO BOX 97999

Manukau 2241


New Zealand

I AM HOPEGumboot Friday and Spare Change are proudly brought to you by: 

The Key to Life Charitable Trust

Call 111 immediately for any medical emergency

Text or call 1737 any time, 24 hours a day. You’ll get to talk to (or text with) a trained counsellor, completely free of charge.



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